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The way to decorate a naked Wall

Decorating a bare wall may seem an easy task, but the fact is an empty canvas art sometimes intimidates would-be decorators. The key to making a bare wall the focal point of a room is the right decorative accessories. Use abstract acrylic paintings to turn bare walls into a pleasing background or an extension of a room's decorative theme. Bare walls can also have decorative accessories that combine form and function, such as lighting, floating shelves or mirrors.

Gather inspiration
Bare walls are everywhere, look around the houses and rooms and find those eye-catching items. Take fabric swatches, paint samples or pictures clipped out of magazines and hold them up against the wall. Examine how natural and artificial light affects the appearance of the bare wall to determine if the area requires additional lighting.

Consider colors and finishes
One easy way to doll up a bare wall involves adding color and texture. You can use a new neutral color such as antique white, eggshell, brig…

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