Picture frame makes the work more appreciative

Giant canvas art - frame out a beautiful home, into the home, if you are faced with an empty wall, it is uninteresting.
Hang a delicate picture in the home, can have intense adornment, beautification effect.

The picture that hangs proper on metope, can change the empty feeling of wall, build the atmosphere of indoor environment.
In addition to the choice of what kind of painting is very exquisite, what kind of texture of frame is also very important.
The frame is a good choice for hanging and hanging
There are many kinds of painting that can be hung on the wall, including traditional Chinese painting, oil painting, gouache painting, print painting, pencil painting and so on.
Someone likes canvas to also might as well hang oneself exercise, still can be oneself proud photograph work is framed in picture frame, also can make the photograph of oneself and family a warmth show.
It used to be popular to hang large paintings in the living room, sometimes taking up a whole wall.
But if also hang a very big oil painting in the smaller room, can make the room appears smaller and depressive, and also make adornment effect is restricted.
More and more designers suggest using a variety of paintings and frames.
For example, it is also a good choice to mix several paintings with consistent styles on one wall, and make pictures of your childhood and youth into picture frames of different sizes to form a photo wall of memory.
The size of the painting
The ancient poem cloud: "room ya must be big, the flower is not many."
Similarly knowable, be in limited bedroom area inside, need not hang too much, too miscellaneous picture.
The picture frame is divided into two categories: vertical frame and banner frame. From the perspective of human vision, vertical frame makes people feel tall, and the banner feels wide.
Usually the bedroom below 12 square metre, appropriate will banner do main hang act the role of, the room of 15 square metre above, can be hung straight to face wall.
Hang act the role ofing how to hang is proper, this does not have the pattern, can follow the bedroom big filial piety wall characteristic and decide.
Average room height is 2.
6 meters to 2 meters.
Between 8 meters, the banner hanging decoration height in human standing on the horizontal line of 10 centimeters, roughly 170 to 180 centimeters from the ground.
The low side of the vertical pendant is about 150 to 160 cm from the ground.
Two pairs of vertical hung, the distance between the two 30 to 40 cm is appropriate.
If two hanging decorations are placed randomly, the difference between two hanging decorations should not be more than half of the length of the hanging decorations.
Color coordination of picture frame
The color of our housing wall is white or shallow more, but the color such as cloth of furniture, ground, curtain, sofa ACTS the role of is different, because this chooses picture frame color basically considers the colour of environment display and work itself.
If indoor display is mainly white, the color of the picture frame should not be too deep;
Conversely, indoor display colour is powerful, should not choose the picture frame of complete white.
As for the work itself, the color of the frame should be coordinated with it, and the contrast should not be too strong.
Giant canvas art should choose a wide frame with obvious undulation of line and Angle.
Chinese painting should not choose oil painting frame, but should choose imitation hardwood, the original color of the national picture frame;
Prints, photographs, and other types of paintings can be wide or narrow.
In a word, there is a lot of knowledge in the picture frame selection.
Look from whole, want deck environment, make it more lively, more sweet.


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