Oil Painting Color Sense, Deep Challenge Color

When the visual stimulation of external objects stops, the Modern Canvas Art sensation on the retina of the eye will not disappear immediately. This visual phenomenon is called visual afterimage. For example, when you quickly skip the light, there will be a shadow in your vision, which will strengthen or weaken your perception of the color outside the light.


At the same time, color contrast, adjacent colors will change their original nature, with adjacent color complementary light (such as red complementary color is green).The effect of this contrast is that friends who draw Extra Large Modern Painting need special attention. If they make good use of the picture, they can control it freely. Otherwise, the picture will become chaotic, firing and monotonous.

The same grey shines on the black and deepens on the white.The same black is green on the red bottom, red on the green bottom, red on the green bottom, yellow on the purple bottom, and purple on the yellow bottom.The same gray has a slightly background color on the red, orange, yellow, green, green, and purple background.Red and purple are juxtaposed, red tends to orange, and purple tends to blue Large Modern Wall Art.

The adjacent colors tend to push each other toward their own complementary colors.Red and green are juxtaposed, red is more red, and green is more green. Color contrast at the same time, more obvious at the junction, this phenomenon is also called edge contrast. The law of simultaneous contrast of colors is summarized as follows:

1. Bright color is adjacent to dark color, the brighter is the brighter, the darker is the darker; grey and bright color are juxtaposed, the brighter is the brighter, the greyer is the greyer; cold color and warm color are juxtaposed, the cooler is cooler and the warmer is warmer.

2. When different colors are adjacent to each other, they tend to push each other towards their own complementary colors.

3. When the complementary color is adjacent to each other, because of the strong contrast effect, the complementary light and the brightness of the color increase simultaneously.

4. At the same time, the contrast effect increases with the increase of purity, and the edge part is the most obvious at the adjacent junction.

5. At the same time, the contrast effect can only be produced when the colors are adjacent, and the effect is most striking when one color is surrounded by another color.

The methods of strengthening simultaneous contrast effect are: improving the purity of contrast color and strengthening the contrast effect of purity;
Make the color of contrast establish complementary relationship, strengthen the role of color contrast; expand the area contrast relationship, strengthen the role of area contrast.

Inhibition methods: change the purity, improve the brightness, ease the contrast effect of purity; destroy the complementary relationship, avoid the strong contrast of complementary color; use the method of interval and gradual change to buffer the contrast effect of color; reduce the contrast relationship of area and establish the balance relationship of area.


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