Fashion Style Matching in Living room with oil painting wall art

 Fashion Style Matching in Living room with oil painting wall art

Proposal recommendation:
Oil paintings with blue walls make the space ductile, even when there are too many people, it will not feel crowded. A row of low cabinets opposite the sofa are usually receptive cabinets. When friends come, putting on soft cushions of various colors is a comfortable seat, which can accommodate more friends. The TV background wall is designed with sliding doors on both sides, which can make the room look neater on weekdays. The decoration of the red background wall injects vitality into the space and is full of the sweet atmosphere of the newlyweds.

According to the characteristics of the apartment, the traditional sofa area is set on the side of the wall, and the receipt cabinet is built on the side of the window, which corresponds to the TV cabinet. The cabinet must be strong enough to withstand long periods of pressure.

 3 Panel Abstract Painting Wall Art
 3 Panel Abstract Painting Wall Art

Decorative points:
1. Control the number of colours. The room is mainly blue and red, with a small amount of yellow as decoration, which adds local highlights to the space.

2. Cushion to create an atmosphere. A large number of colorful cushions on the low cabinet can create a warm and comfortable atmosphere for the space. More cushions can be accommodated in the cabinet, showing a colorful corner, which also has a certain decorative quality.

3. Less ornaments means more. There is not much need for wall decoration, just one or two exquisite paintings or works of art. But in terms of content and color, it should be able to correspond to the theme of space.

Vertical cabinet is relatively large, so its accommodation space is relatively abundant. Generally speaking, it can be used as a storage cabinet, less commonly used items can be included in this "huge thing", which not only saves space, but also makes the kitchen look neat and neat. The partition spacing in the vertical cabinet can be adjusted.

Vertical cabinet price is more expensive, according to the calculation of the length of meters, than the total price of suspension cabinet plus lower cabinet is more expensive, because of the relative use of more materials. And the requirement for installation location is high, generally only one wall can be installed cabinet kitchen can not be installed, easy to appear blocked. Only three walls have kitchen cabinet installation conditions can be considered, occupying a narrow wall installation is more reasonable, can also be installed in a corner of a wider wall.

Many high-end brand cabinets are equipped with high-pull basket, which should be considered the highest receiving basket, and cabinets are generally high, suitable for the classification of bottles and cans, but the cost is very high. Whatever the pricing method, the pull basket should be more than 3000 yuan. If this configuration is added, the cost of the whole cabinet will be much higher. In fact, in addition to easy access, this kind of basket belongs to a waste of storage space. If there is no basket, the space of that part of the cabinet can be expanded by about 30%. It is not recommended that salaried families buy it.

Large Contemporary Painting Wall Art
Large Contemporary Painting Wall Art

The market cabinets, cabinets and drawers have different configurations. In the combination of large open cabinets and large and small drawers, the convenience of drawers is obvious.

Generally speaking, drawers have the most reasonable functional zoning, according to the different storage items, make partitions. Drawers stratify the lower storage space, and the height of a floor cabinet is divided into three or four drawers, which can reduce the frequency and extent of bending when taking items, alleviate back fatigue, and is more suitable for the kitchen for the elderly to cook. Offers Best Handmade Large Abstract Painting On Canvas. Cheap Extra Large Modern Abstract Canvas Wall Art for Sale Free Shipping.

Compared with the ground cabinet, drawers are also the choice of higher prices, so it is recommended to choose a group of drawers. As an ordinary family, there are about 70 pieces of bowls and plates for daily use, which can be placed in three to four layers. The bottom drawer can be made into a special pot drawer for high drawer boards and low helpers. The frying pan and aluminium basins of different sizes can be placed inside. If the cabinet designer is crazy about recommending more sets of drawers to you, if you don't often have parties at home, be sure to refuse. In addition to bowls, plates and pans, other kitchen items are not suitable to be placed in drawers, and the number of these utensils in general families is limited, there is no need to spend more money on unnecessary fancy things.


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